Born on the French Island of Madagascar where the sunny, colorful and exotic atmosphere and a quality of light found nowhere else, has influenced his art to this day; Frederic was reared in Paris and moved to the United States, in 1989. 

His defining style is impressionism which he uses to encapsulate his perceptions of the world. Frederic’s work conveys the long-lost environments of a calm countryside and cityscape whether French or North American.

Two of his significant characteristics, usually underrepresented in the impressionistic works of other current artists, are the boldness of color choice and the vibrating, life-like movement on the canvas. Vibrant in blues and purples, his landscapes are beyond sensual purity. The life-like motion with the depth and dimension of his palette knife creates a textural presence hard to ignore.

For nearly 26 years Payet has been featured in numerous exhibitions across the United States and Europe. He now resides in Asheville, North Carolina

Color is one of the languages of the soul.

It influences our mood and emotions, the flow and energy of our body. It can impact our mood, our sense of well-being and happiness.

My work reflects my world travels, my spiritual journey  and all of the beauty that inspires me.

Using acrylics and a special modeling paste applied with  a palette knife, I create peaceful and soothing images and sometimes excitement and drama.